Eyelash Adhesive (Gold)




Medical grade adhesive. Fast drying time of 1-2 seconds for smooth and quick lash application. Jet black in color, liquid consistency.•Low fume adhesive

•Drying time (1-2 sec)
•Strong Bonding
•Latex/Formaldehyde Free
•Thin/low Viscosity
•Can be used for Classic and Volume Lash application

Quick facts about Gold adhesive

1.Latex/Formaldehyde Free
2.Humidity and temperature – ANY glue will dry faster when it’s more humid rather than dry. Ideal humidity 40-60, if you notice that the glue doesn’t dry fast enough use humidifier, for best results turn on your humidifier on 2 hours prior lashing. Temperature 73-76. Keep in mind – lower the temp is, dryer the air is.
3.Drying time 1-2 seconds. Important tip – prior application, isolate BEFORE you collect the glue with the fan/lash. Even if you isolate in the speed of light it is still time that your adhesive already started crystallizing while you are holding your fan with adhesive on it, will it still stick? Yes. Will it last at it’s best? No.
4.Shake your bottle very well every time you are about to squeeze a new drop as ingredients tent to separate when the product is standing still for a while.
5.Shelf life after opening the bottle – 5 weeks. Date your bottle if you need to- ANY fast drying adhesive will only stay fresh up to 5 weeks, all of them. So even if your bottle is half full and it has been 5 weeks- let it go. It’s easier to keep your adhesive fresh than “relash” people that calling you 3 days after you did their lashes, complaining they are falling off- not worth your time.
6.After opening the bottle leave it out, don’t put back in the fridge. Just keep away from direct light. DO NOT put it in jar with rice- it only works for glues with regular drying time (3-6 sec), it Will dry up your glue.
7.Retention- with proper application lashes will shed with natural cycle only.
8. Allergies. People may be allergic to any adhesive (majority to carbon), test patch is always advised.

And just as P.S. – always have 2 bottles. One to use, another in your fridge as a back up (that can sit there for 3-4 months if not opened) there’s nothing sillier than running out of adhesive when you are lashing for living.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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