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You Get What You Pay For

Our Prices Are a Reflection of Our Commitment to Quality

: All RETURNING customers of B-Lashes ALWAYS get 10% off a new full set
(the same percent level of previous purchase)

100% coverage is always recommended for the BEST results.
Remember this is an investment!
100% coverage does not mean dramatic.
All coverages are natural looking but can be made to look more dramatic by the choice of lash (Curl, Thickness and Length).

Bella Beauty - Mink:   (Synthetic Mink)
For those who wish to have a light feeling lash
Blazin Beauty:  (Silk lashes)
For those who wish to have the best of both worlds. Silk is light like the Mink but have the glossy look of the synthetic.
Heart Breaker Beauty

Bottom Lashes
Bashful Beauty:(25% coverage)

Blushing Beauty:(50% Coverage)

Bedazzled Beauty: (75% coverage)

Bonita Beauty:(100% coverage)