Classic Lash - Eyelash Extension Training

Bianca of B-lashes Training Academy has put together a comprehensive eyelash extension training. That is comprised of the best techniques from some fo the best lash artist in the industry. There is one common statement we here from many lash artist. “I wish I would have received more training”!


Sadly, there are many companies that offer 1 or 2 day eyelash extenstion courses.  Many are branded and there goal is to load you up with expensive product and encourage you to buy only from their company. There is little to no support afterwards.  Just more marketing for you to buy more product and more training.

We are very different.  We have spent years testing products.  We constantly stay up to date on what’s being offered and new. We provide you with products and also share where you can buy products that are less expensive.

Benefits of Classic Lash – Eyelash Extensions Training

  • Anatomy of the Eye and Lash
  • Health, Safety and Sanitation
  • Client Consultation
  • Set Up Preparation
  • Client Comfort
  • Basic Taping
  • Intro to Curls, Diameter and Lengths
  • The Anatomy of Adhesive
  • The Lash Artists motto
  • Practice and perfect lash “posture”
  • Demo Application
  • Practice on Mannequin
  • Practical on Model
  • After Care
  • Marketing

Classes Filling Up Fast!!

Course Fee: $1400

We are constantly adding new dates, so check back periodically.  The following 2-Day classes are available to for registration immediately:

May 31st – June 1st | June 30th – July 1st | Aug. 4th – 5th 

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