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Bianca has developed a COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM on eyelash extensions training that is progressive for a professional lash artist! B-lashes Training Academy offers different methods of teaching with on-going mentorship opportunities. Each level progressively builds upon the next. You can progress as slow or as fast as you want and you will have support as much as you choose to take advantage of it!

We do not endorse any one particular brand, but remains neutral and open to the latest and greatest new products as they come on the market. Bianca makes it a point to attend every possible advanced education course in the field of lash extensions and is constantly testing new products and supplies. You can be confident that safety and infection control is of utmost importance and is covered extensively in the curriculum.

We offer both group and private classes. There are immense benefits to both. However, private classes are definitely encouraged for those who may get overwhelmed with a ton of information. Or, those who are creative learners.

Our private classes offer on on one attention to detail. We take a receptive approach. We go over multiple principals of information 3 different ways so that you know for sure that you GOT IT. We guide you and share our tips and secrets that many don’t offer in trainings.

Russian Volume schedule

Day 1

  • 09:00 am

    Registration and signing of the contracts between Trainer and each student.

  • 09:30 am

    Basic information about the course that would help the students to have the realistic expectation regarding the training and mastering the skill of Russian Volume Extensions (duration of the course, support, obtaining the Certificate etc.).

  • 10:00 am

    Infection, Sanitation and Disease Control

  • 11:00 am

    Understanding tools ( 5 different volume tweezers) and Product (Adhesives and primers)

  • 11:30 am

    Lash Education. Lash diameter, length, types. How to use volume lashes depending on the strength of the natural lash.

  • 12:00 am

    Practice creating volume lashes and picking them up

  • 01:00 pm


  • 02:00 pm

    Continue Practice creating volume lashes and picking them up

  • 03:00 pm

    Practice isolation of lash and placement of extensions

  • 04:45 pm


  • 05:00 pm

    End of first day

Day 1 Day 1

Day 2

  • 09:00 am

    Positioning in levels according to the practice and works from the previous day.

  • 10:00 am

    Practice on live models (first group of students work on models while second group overlooks), Application of lashes

  • 01:00 pm


  • 02:00 pm

    Further practicing on live models (second group of students work on models and first group overlooks)

  • 04:45 pm


  • 05:00 pm

    Certificates of attendance to students

Day 2 Day 2

I would recommend this place to anyone she is amazing very professional and im glad i found this place nothing but good things to say ty so much i love my brows

Alisha Gonzalez Alisha Gonzalez

Bianca is a true talent!!! I got powder brows and I have received SOOOO many compliments. She took her time to ensure all measurements were perfect and made sure I was providing input on my expectations to give me the perfect look. The atmosphere is very relaxing and put me at ease, as well as her great personality and blessed hands. She’s a remarkable artist and I’ll never go anywhere else to have work done. Thank you Bianca, you are a beautiful soul.

Emily Noice Emily Noice

Bianca is the best…. I have followed her for the past two years but always chickened out while making my appointment. My husband and daughter surprised me with an appointment with Bianca for Mother’s Day….best gift ever!!!

Billie Park Billie Park

Russian Volume Lash Extension Training by B-Lashes To Command Your Lash Artistry Skills

Russian Volume Lash Extension Training is an advanced technique in the realm of eyelash extensions, known for its ability to achieve lush and voluminous lashes. This specialized training equips lash technicians with the skills to create stunning, multi-dimensional lash looks that stand out for their fullness and texture. At B-Lashes, we bring forth a comprehensive Russian Volume Lash Training program in Columbus, Ohio, designed for both aspiring lash artists and experienced professionals seeking to elevate their expertise.

Our Russian volume lashes training goes beyond the basics of classic lash application, delving into the intricate art of crafting volume fans. It involves the meticulous process of creating handmade fans consisting of ultra-fine lash extensions, which are then delicately applied to individual natural lashes. This technique allows for the customization of lash volume according to the client’s preferences, offering a fuller and more dramatic effect.

B-Lashes takes pride in providing a top-tier Russian Volume Lash Extension Training experience that covers everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Our expert instructors guide students through the intricacies of lash mapping, fan creation, and the precise application process, ensuring they master the skills required for impeccable Russian volume lash sets.

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One of the key features of our Russian volume lash Training in Columbus Ohio is the emphasis on lash health and safety. We prioritize teaching techniques that not only achieve breathtaking results but also maintain the integrity of the natural lashes. Understanding the proper weight and application methods is crucial, and our training program ensures that lash technicians are well-versed in these aspects.

As the demand for Russian volume lash extensions continues to rise, B-Lashes remains at the forefront, offering a training program that reflects industry trends and client preferences. Our commitment to providing quality education extends beyond the classroom, with ongoing support for our graduates as they embark on their careers in the lash industry.

Enrolling in B-Lashes’ Russian Volume Lash Extension Training means stepping into a world of precision and artistry. Whether you’re a beginner fascinated by the allure of voluminous lashes or an experienced technician looking to expand your skill set, our training program promises a transformative journey in the realm of eyelash extensions. Join us in Columbus, Ohio, and master the art of Russian volume lash extensions with B-Lashes.


What is Russian Volume Lash Extension Training?

It’s an advanced technique focusing on creating voluminous and multi-dimensional lash looks for a captivating, fuller effect.

Who can benefit from this training?

Both aspiring lash artists and experienced professionals seek to enhance their expertise in eyelash extensions.

What sets B-Lashes' training apart?

Our program goes beyond basics, covering lash mapping, fan creation, and precise application, ensuring mastery of Russian volume lash artistry.

How does the training prioritize lash health?

We teach techniques that achieve stunning results while maintaining the integrity of natural lashes, emphasizing proper weight and application methods.

Why choose B-Lashes for Russian Volume Lash Training?

We offer a transformative journey into the world of precision and artistry, providing ongoing support as you embark on a career in the lash industry.

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