Tattoo Removal

There are numerous ways of removing permanent makeup.  As with correction there are no guarantees.  You should again only go to a fully qualified professional for any of the treatments below, (never attempt these yourself) and they should be honest with you about what to expect.

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Tattoo Removal

There are numerous ways of removing permanent makeup.  As with correction there are no guarantees.  You should again only go to a fully qualified professional for any of the treatments below, (never attempt these yourself) and they should be honest with you about what to expect.

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Types of Tattoo Removal

One of the most common is laser removal (however this cannot be used on lips and I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who would laser eyeliner off as is so close to your eye!)
Laser can be costly and as the laser only recognises certain colours so there is no guarantee of complete removal. You may end up with a more faded colour. However it is proven to be quite effective with removing eyebrow tattoos. Multiple sessions will be required and you need on average about 4 weeks in between treatments.  Laser treatment can be painful.

Tattoo Removal Creams
Tattoo creams are used to lift colour and are more effective in removing all colours not just the darker ones.  Many of these creams contain Tri chloroacetic acid (TCA) is used in chemical peels.  If not used under the correct conditions can cause blindness. Your trained professional should be able to advise you on which brands and further details.

This is the same a the process of a Glycolic Acid skin peel.  The process involves removing the top layers of the skin which then causes the skin to shed the dead skin cells.  The process of exfoliation. Over time the skin regenerates and the tattoo will fade. Again it is dependant on the colour as to what extent the tattoo will fade.

Saline removal is safe and a successful method of removing brow tattoos.  Saline is injected into the area of concern.  The pigment is lifted and extracted out of the skin.  This is preferable as the skin is left in tact and it is less painful than other methods. Usually 4 – 6 wks between sessions.

Clay Tattoo Removal
This is a form of clay that is high in magnesium oxide.  The bleaching properties in the clay diminish the colour in the pigment.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

Tattoo Removal…………………………………………………………. $150.00

Removal sessions may require up to 3 visits to totally remove a tattoo.

Tattoo Removal………………. $150.00

Removal sessions may require up to 3 visits to totally remove a tattoo.

Get Your Ultimate Tattoo Removal Job Done with B-Lashes To Free Yourself 

The decision to undergo the process of removing an undesirable tattoo is a deeply personal one, and at B-Lashes, we recognise the importance and gravity of this choice. The Tattoo Removal services offered in Columbus extend beyond the mere elimination of ink; our objective is to offer a secure, efficient, and uplifting experience for individuals in search of a renewed beginning. Tattoos have the potential to serve as enduring symbols of significant experiences, personal convictions, or evolving aesthetic preferences. 

The Tattoo Removal service offered by B-Lashes in Columbus is specifically developed to assist individuals in eliminating previous tattoos and embracing a blank slate. Our team of professionals is available to provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, addressing various factors such as changes in personal preferences, faded designs, or symbols that have lost their significance. We prioritise precision and attentiveness in our affordable tattoo removal Columbus approach.

Accuracy Using Laser Technology How to Remove Tattoos

The current advanced technology in our Columbus Tattoo Removal Clinic leverages cutting-edge laser technology to effectively disintegrate tattoo pigments located beneath the dermal layer. The laser delivers coherent light pulses that are concentrated and directed towards specified wavelengths, causing the ink particles to undergo fragmentation, resulting in the formation of smaller fragments. Over a period of time, the human body’s inherent physiological mechanisms progressively destroy these diminutive particles, resulting in a gradual lightening of the tattoo.

tatto removal
tatto removal Columbia

Professional Tattoo Removal That Is Affordable and Safe 

At B-Lashes, we recognize that every tattoo is unique, and so is the removal journey. Our experts and professional tattoo removal Columbus personalize each Tattoo Removal treatment plan to address your specific needs. Whether you seek complete tattoo removal or want to Tattoo fade treatment Columbus for a cover-up, our professionals ensure a customized approach, maximizing both safety and effectiveness. Also, If you are concerned about the Tattoo Removal costs in Columbus. B-Lashes offers affordable solutions without compromising on quality and safety. We prioritize your peace of mind throughout the process, combining affordability with the latest technology and expert care. Our goal is to make your tattoo removal experience seamless and accessible.

Remember! B-Lashes is more than a beauty destination; it’s a sanctuary for transformation. Here’s why our Columbus Tattoo Removal services stand out:

  • Specialized Experts – Our Tattoo Removal Specialists in Columbus bring expertise and precision to every session, ensuring optimal results.
  • Comprehensive Services – From complete tattoo removal to targeted fading for cover-ups, we cater to diverse needs with a range of Tattoo Removal services.
  • Advanced Technology – B-Lashes employs cutting-edge laser technology, providing effective and safe Tattoo Removal in Columbus.
  • Personalized Care – We understand the personal nature of tattoo removal. Our experts offer compassionate, personalized care, guiding you through the process with sensitivity.
  • Affordability without Compromise – B-Lashes believes in making Tattoo Removal accessible. Our affordable pricing reflects our commitment to providing quality services for all.

Your Path to a Clean Skin starts Here, as Promise by B-Lashes

If you’re searching for the best Tattoo Removal in Columbus, look no further than B-Lashes. Our laser-focused expertise, personalized care, and commitment to affordability make us your ultimate destination for tattoo erasing. Rediscover your skin’s natural beauty, free from the ink of the past. Book your Tattoo Removal appointment with B-Lashes today, and let the journey to a clean slate begin.


What is tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal is a process that uses laser technology to break down tattoo pigments, gradually lightening or eliminating the ink.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser emits focused light pulses, targeting specific tattoo colours, and breaking down ink particles, which the body naturally eliminates.

Is tattoo removal painful?

The discomfort is minimal, often likened to a rubber band snap. Topical anaesthetics are applied to enhance comfort during the procedure.

How many sessions are needed for complete tattoo removal?

The number of sessions varies based on factors like tattoo size, ink colour, and individual skin response. Typically, multiple sessions are required.

Can all tattoo colours be removed?

Advanced laser technology can target a wide range of colors, but some may require more sessions for effective removal.

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