Lip Color Course

Learn the fundamentals of applying Permanent Lip Color with the machine method. This information-packed class includes step-by-step instructions, hands-on procedures and demonstrations of permanent Lip Color.  This class is intended for advance students or students with previous permanent makeup training.  We provide ongoing technical support to you after your graduation to ensure you master the skills necessary to become successful in your new career.


Benefits of Lip Color Training

  • Learn Several Techniques for Lip Color application
  • Stretching skin techniques
  • Learn how to use speed to create different lip color looks
  • Consultation Topics
  • Pre-Procedure Preparations
  • Post-Procedure Instructions
  • Hands-on Procedures
  • Risks Affiliated with Procedures

Financing Available

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Course Fee: $1,599.00

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Join Our Lip Colour Course to Learn the Art of Lip Blushing with B-Lashes 

The Lip Color Course at B-Lashes is a transformative journey into the world of semi-permanent lip makeup, specifically focusing on the artistry of lip blushing. Lip blushing, a technique that enhances the natural beauty of lips by adding a hint of colour, has become increasingly popular for those seeking a subtle and semi-permanent solution to enhance their lips. Our Lip Color Course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced artists looking to delve into the nuanced world of lip blush application

This comprehensive course goes beyond the basics, offering in-person training sessions that provide a hands-on and immersive experience. The Beginners Lip Blush Tattoo Training is crafted to ensure that participants grasp not only the fundamentals but also the advanced techniques needed to master the lip blushing craft. Our instructors, seasoned professionals in the field, guide students through the Lip Blush Technique Training, emphasizing precision and attention to detail.

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One of the standout features of B-Lashes’ Lip Color Course is the inclusion of a Lip Blush Certification for participants who successfully complete the program. This certification is a testament to their proficiency in the art of lip blushing, recognized in Columbus and beyond. It opens doors to a world of possibilities for artists seeking to specialize in semi-permanent lip makeup training.

The course is conducted at our Columbus Beauty School for Lips, providing an environment conducive to learning and fostering creativity. Participants not only gain theoretical knowledge but also get hands-on experience in lip blushing classes, refining their skills under the guidance of our expert instructors.

B-Lashes takes pride in offering the Best Lip Blush Training, ensuring that students not only acquire the technical skills but also grasp the artistic aspects of lip blushing. Our Lip Blushing Course covers everything from colour theory and lip anatomy to client consultations and aftercare, equipping artists with a holistic understanding of the lip blushing process. For those seeking a Lip Blush Training Course that combines expertise with creativity, B-Lashes stands as the ideal destination. Join us, and let our Lip Color Course be your gateway to mastering the art of lip blushing, and creating beautiful and natural-looking semi-permanent lip makeup!


What is lip blushing, and how does it differ from traditional lip makeup?

Lip blushing enhances natural lip colour semi-permanently, offering a subtler alternative to traditional lip makeup.

Who can benefit from the Lip Color Course at B-Lashes?

Our course caters to both beginners and experienced artists, providing comprehensive training in the art of lip blushing.

What does the Lip Blush Certification from B-Lashes signify?

The certification acknowledges proficiency in lip blushing, recognized in Columbus and beyond, opening doors for specialized opportunities.

What sets B-Lashes' Lip Color Course apart from others?

We offer in-person training with expert instructors, covering not only the basics but also advanced techniques and artistic aspects of lip blushing.

What topics does the Lip Blushing Course cover?

Our comprehensive course covers everything from colour theory and lip anatomy to client consultations and aftercare, ensuring a holistic understanding of lip blushing.

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